About Freedom For Animals


Freedom for Animals is a non-profit organization on a mission to rescue animals from industries which exploit them. We collaborate with other organizations who share our values and goals; 

Our main work is through educating the public (vegan outreach),  undercover investigations, involvement of key leaders and influencers, as well as ongoing animal vigils throughout the country.

Our approach is one of nonviolence, love and truth – the same approach shared by people like Lev Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi. We support veganism and believe it is our duty to take part in spreading the truth and have zero tolerance to animal exploitation.

The organization currently has 5 projects running:

  • Israel Against Live Shipments
  • Israel Pig Save
  • Israel Animal Save 
  • Israel Climate Save
  • DxE Israel

All of the projects are related to driving the wellbeing of animals by raising awareness of animal cruelty in animal based industries, by showing the victims of those industries as individuals, and raising awareness of the effect of animal based industries on our environment. 

The Animals


Cows are sentient beings with their own individual personalities. They are loving, sensitive, smart and curious. They enjoy intellectual challenges and may even jump for joy when solving a problem.


Chickens are intelligent, curious and affectionate. Their brains are more developed than the ones of cats, dogs, monkeys and even human babies. Chickens have problem-solving skills and have strong family ties


Goats are social animals and just like dogs, they wag their tails. Like other social animals they're able to make strong connections with one another. In their nature they love to play, jump and run free.

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Dear activists, First of all, we thank you for your willingness to join our team of Freedom4Animals activists.

As you know, the work of an activist is not always easy, but it is one of the most important parts of the struggle to end animal exploitation. Activism is the main force to bring about change. Activism includes participation in protests and exhibits, documentation in ports, content distribution, legal support, graphic designs, video editing, and much more

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